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about us

The Montagna Singers was formed in 1975 by a group of "Swiss abroad" who wanted to maintain the singing and musical tradition of their homeland. Since that formative time the choir has performed frequently in the National Capital Region of Ottawa Canada, as well as singing and competing in many festivals across North America. In 1994 it hosted the triennial international festival of the North American Swiss Singing Alliance.

four national languages

The choir sings principally in the four national languages of Switzerland - Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss German), French, Italian and Romansch - as well as in English. Based in Ottawa, the group draws its members from a wide radius around the city.

our directors

Mrs. Simone Oberacher joined our choir January 2017 as our director. Simone is an Enthusiastic musician who enjoys making instrumental and vocal music, especially when she is amongst friends. She has many years of practical choral experience and leads Ottawa’s Quodlibet choir as well. We are very proud to have Simone as our director.

Peter Domitrovits, as our conductor from 1987 to 2000, is pleased to direct us once again. He has a McGill University music degree and is organist choir director at two area churches. We welcomed him back to the podium in May 2014.

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our friends

Ottawa Valley Swiss Club, helping members keep in touch, celebrate and transmit their Swiss heritage.
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Jules Bruehlmann, Tel. (613) 736-0676

Ian Frei (613)435-4615


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